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Back in the mid 1990's when the Internet was young there were a small handful of websites around the web devoted to introducing and preserving amplitude modulation. Two of those websites were AM Forever and AM North America. Unfortunately, AM North America was taken over by an unfavorable group of individuals who converted it to a forum site under a new name thus eliminating AM North America completely. During that time AM Forever remained on the web until it was eventually converted to a forum site as well in 2011. Due to long-term issues with members and staff from the other AM forum site which over the years has been mostly based on differing political views and culture along with very problematic egos from various current and former members it was decided that AM Forever would be renamed to AM North America in an attempt to bring back the original intent when the AM websites first began.

Present Day

AM North America has fully evolved and to current modern-day Internet standards and is now available via a secure worldwide CDN (Constant Delivery Network) for fast content delivery. It is fully compatible with all of the latest browsers and mobile device technology. It will continue being updated as needed and occasionally with new features if they are deemed useful and will serve a functional purpose. It’s been a long hard road through the years, but the time has arrived and AM has never died and is still with us. Hopefully that will never change. AM Forever...